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Ignite Trust

"By December 2016 we had spent almost year with volunteers and staff failing to get a new website up and running. It was an embarrassment. We had an out of date website and a 10% completed website. Neither was very helpful to our image!

Then we heard about Church Pages from a trustee. What an amazing organisation!

From the first phone call I felt heard. I had so much encouragement and support. This is an organization that understands and really wants to help. I started to write paragraphs and send photos, and it was exciting to watch the website take shape. I am not tech-savvy but that never mattered, the whole process was simple and, when there were times I wasn’t sure, my phone calls or emails were answered very quickly and we moved forwards.

It was a delight to work with everyone involved. We chose a modern template and once it was ready to go online, I had a two hour training session by phone so that I could edit it in the future. The whole experience was positive and I am delighted with the new website."

Lynne Burke - Director, Ignite Trust

Ignite Trust is a charity that works with young people aged 12-25 to help them re-engage with education, find employment, or move on from anti-social behaviour, gang involvement and exploitative relationships. Based in Harrow the charity has a challenging job of empowering the marginalised to make positive choices in their circumstances despite negative influences.

Having heard of Church Pages' work through a colleague, Ignite's Director Lynne Burke contacted us to see if we could help them set up an easy to edit website. They wanted a modern look that would appeal not only to youngsters searching for help online, but also to potential sponsors who might to support the amazing work done by the Trust.

The team at Church Pages worked closely with with Ignite so that the website reflected their vision and values. It was also imperative that the site worked on all mobile devices, and could be edited simply by the team at Ignite.

How the website was designed and built

Ignite had already spent a good deal of time creating copy and gathering images for a website that never materialised. This really helped as the Trust knew precisely what they wanted and we could work with them to create the site that they had been hoping for. 

As providing easy to access information was the primary aim of the site Ignite Trust chose the Fortress template to base their website design on, but wanted some customisation to provide additional features. The design has a very modern feel, enables a strong background image to be the basis of the site, and makes use of a mega drop down to ease navigation.

The finished website has the following features:

  • A highly informative home page that clearly reflects Ignite's values.
  • A Twitter feed on the home page so that the site was kept up to date.
  • Folders with pages that can have images on them.
  • A mega drop down menu.
  • Google map so that the charity can be found easily.
  • A simple to edit content managed website that the Ignite team can keep updated themselves.

Training was given to Ignite once the site was ready to be launched, but the team knew that we were on hand if they needed help.

What else did Church Pages do?

To help Ignite be found online we added in optimisation tags and provided training on how this can be done. We also filled in the structure data settings for Google and added in web stats so that the church could see the number of visitors to their site, and what actions they took when they got there.

How did the website switch from the old one to the new Church Pages website?

We knew that Ignite wanted to keep their email where it was, and so we asked them to change their domain name's A record to the Church Pages IP address and added in the relevant aliases.


The team at Church Pages felt really privileged to have worked with Ignite Trust because they are humbly living out the Gospel in the midst of such difficult circumstances. We were totally surprised that gangs were even a problem in Harrow, but we now know that this culture exists and it is very difficult for those caught up in it to find a way out. This is why Ignite's work is so invaluable and we were very pleased with the website that we created for them as it is a means by which they can reach people and offer hope. 

The new Ignite website can be viewed here