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Wokingham Baptist Church

"We needed a new website that reflected the nature of our church and community, was mobile-friendly and easy to maintain. Church Pages was just the right organisation for us to work with. They know what they’re doing and their experience really shows in the quality of their systems. Creating the new site was straightforward; we focused upon creating the content and Church Pages brought everything together. Not only were they able to bring our content to life but, they really understand what churches need and contributed loads of great ideas. We very much enjoyed working with the Church Pages team and appreciated their helpfulness and responsiveness.

Reaching out as a church in these challenging times of the covid-19 virus, our website has become even more critical to the church’s mission. We have particularly appreciated the valuable support we have received from Church Pages as we explore new ways of using technology to reach people.

We’re super pleased with the new site, thank you for all your help."

Andrew, Elizabeth, Nick, Stuart and the rest of the Wokingham Baptist team. 

Wokingham Baptist Church is a worshipping church community in Wokingham. They had an existing website, but wanted to have a fresh new site that was responsive and easy to manage. It was also important that the site clearly reflected their values of being a community that welcomes all people unconditionally, and demostrates the love of God to everyone, especially those in need. 

How the website was designed and built

After some discussion with how we could help the church, and what template we felt would work for them, Wokingham Baptist Church chose our most popular template, Boaz, for their website. Andrew, who we primarily liaised with is an IT whizz and so he was able to provide copy and images that met our remit. We worked closely with him to ensure the site had all that he needed both content and design wise. 

We were particularly pleased that we were able to design a website that:

  • Reflected Wokingham Baptist Church's nature and values.
  • Was mobile friendly and simple to up date.
  • Worked effectively to bring online services to people's homes.
  • Could be expanded as and when wanted.

What else did Church Pages do?

We ensured that the website was mobile friendly and that it had a Secure Certificate installed on it. We also optimised the site so that it could be found on Google. Prior to launching the site we added 301 redirects so that Google's links would still work.

How did the website go live?

Andrew had no trouble in repointing the domain to us when the church was ready to launch its new look site.


We were very happy to have been able to work with Wokingham Baptist Church to create the mobile friendly website that they wanted. The site has worked well for them during the lockdown and we are pleased that we have been able to help with this. To view their church website please click here.