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Roxeth Community Church, Harrow.

"It’s been a huge blessing working with the Church Pages team and we’re absolutely delighted with our new website. The whole process has been marked by their friendliness, expertise, patience and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’.

We made a whole host of changes and tweaks along the way, as is true of most website builds I suspect, but we were never made to feel awkward about that – there was a real sense that the Church Pages team wanted the website to look as good and function as well as we did. I’m pretty ignorant around website, coding and digital vocabulary and it was a Godsend to have Heather and her colleagues at the other end of the phone willing to take me step by step through any of the process that I had to carry out.

We are really pleased to have Church Pages hosting the website too. It’s quick, functions smoothly and I know those of us responsible for it at church are happy (and relieved) that we have some friendly help a telephone call away if things ever hit a glitch.

We can’t recommend this ministry highly enough."

David Herbert, Roxeth Community Church, Harrow

Roxeth Community Church, Harrow had a website that had served them well, but they wanted a site that better represented who they were as a church, and that they could easily update themselves.

The church is blessed with a fabulous designer who had created a very strong brand for the church that reflected its diverse and friendly nature. With a heart to take Jesus and His gospel out to their neighbourhood and beyond, Roxeth Community Church were looking for a website that would encourage those outside of the church to feel welcome, whilst being a place of information for their congregation.

After a couple of telephone conversations an application for a Church Pages' website was made and the process commenced.

How the website was designed and built

Roxeth Community Church wanted to have a website that reflected their designer's mock ups. They chose the Boaz template, but wanted some amends to match their thoughts on how the website might look. There was a great deal of collaboration with Roxeth's designer, who understood that print is quite a different medium from web and that ensuring that a design works on all devices, i.e. responsively, is highly challenging. Also there is often the problem with legibility with the web that is not so strongly encountered in print.

Roxeth were also fortunate to have a professional photographer in their congregation and so the images that we were sent through were very strong and well shot. The finished website benefits from the following:

  • A friendly and vibrant home page that reflects the heart of the church.
  • A website that can be easily accessed and navigated by their older members.
  • Sermons uploaded.
  • Google map so that the church can be found easily.
  • Links to social media so that people can connect online

The Church Pages team enjoyed working with Roxeth particularly working with a fabulous designer and the team at Roxeth.

What else did Church Pages do?

Church Pages worked closely with Roxeth so that the proposed designs worked responsively. We also added optimisation tags and structured data, and gave training on how to edit the website. 

How did the website go live?

When Roxeth Community Church were happy with the website they changed the A record of their domain name to point to Church Pages' server.


It was really exciting to work with the team at Roxeth and to help them to create the website that they wanted.