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Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries however, here are some common questions we come across: 

Why are you doing this?

We started the Church Pages Initiative because we felt moved to bless the local churches with high quality website software and relevant online resources. You can read more about our story and vision here. Each of our team also have their own personal reasons for being part of the initiative so feel free to ask and hear their individual story. 

What about Sermons?

Here at Church Pages, we love sermons. We would like all churches to be posting their latest sermons onto their website weekly, for all to hear (after all, faith comes through hearing!) Sermons can be uploaded onto your Church Pages website if you are on the Church Pages Advanced or Extensive hosting options (read more here). You'll have a page where you can simply drag and drop your audio content. This will then be displayed on the front end of your website and hosted on the Church Pages platform. Sermons simply need to be in the form of an mp3. 

Our vision for the future is to create a shared sermon platform for the UK. All sermons on Church Pages websites are included on this platform automatically. To learn more about this, simply get in touch with one of our team and we'll share the latest developments.

How can you make this free?

We are blessed with our own software, hardware, soft-hearted Father and hard-working support team which enables us to provide discretionary discounts (to £0) to churches and para-church organisations.

While it costs us to provide hosting, we only suggest a voluntary contribution to which you are welcome to pay in excess of this amount, or not at all, depending on the church situation. We shall leave this decision to the discretion of your church leadership.

Can I see what the website backend will look like?

We'd be delighted to give you a tour of what a Church Pages website will look like, simply ask one of our team and we'll arrange this for you. We have a demo website which is used to test and show all our developments and therefore all caveats apply. However, this will give you an idea of how simple the system is to use. 

Is Church Pages easy to use?

Yes. Church Pages is based upon the Khooseller platform which is used by hundreds of website owners nationwide. If you'd like to try the platform out, simply ask one of our team. 

What does mobile-friendly mean?

Mobile-friendly is a standard which Google uses to describe websites which are compatible for use on mobile devices. Mobile websites ordinarily have a 'hamburger' menu and a simplified page view. Google provide a tool to test your website for mobile compatibility. We check all Church Pages websites are compatible across all device sizes.

Will the website be supported?

Your Church Pages website will be supported by our team via email and we have extensive support documentation ( Advanced and Extensive hosting options offer more hosting support for your Church Pages website.

What about email - can you provide this as well?

Email can be provided by our parent company, Khoo Systems Limited. POP and IMAP email services are offered from £25/year or £45/year respectively. For more information about Khoo Systems secure email services, click here. 

Our church already does not have a domain, could you register a domain for us? 

Yes, our parent company Khoo Systems can register your chosen domain for you and manage this on your behalf. This will include notifying you of any renewals and ensuring that your domain points correctly to your website. For more information about Khoo Systems Domain Registration services, click here.

Our church already has a domain, can you use this? 

That's great - yes! You'll simply need to ensure that this is pointed to your ChurchPages website correctly. Our team shall provide you details of the CNAME and A records, when your website is ready to go-live. You'll need access to your domain management control panel to make this change.

How would I update a website?

We provide you with a series of administrative logins for your team to manage your own content. Adding or removing information is straightforward and controlled by you. We train you in how to use the admin area and we are always happy to help answer and problems you have or if you aren't sure how to do something. 

What about Videos?

Videos are a great way to convey a personal and engaging message through your website. Hosting through YouTube is advantageous as they a) guarantee speed and match streaming speed to the device and b) boost your social media presence and Google rankings. For a few key videos that are specific to the church website, we would be happy to host these for you. Video sermons and extended messages though, are better hosted on YouTube.

How does the Calendar work?

We integrate the web calendar with an Outlook or iCal (Apple Mail) feed. Authorised users create and edit events on their device while signed into the church calendar account. These events are then pushed to the web for public viewing and changed in real time. The support page for how this works is here

Can we get a members area?

Yes. For sensitive documents/congregation-only information you can request to have a members area added to your Church Pages website.

Help! I have more questions...!

If you have any more questions please do get in touch and ask the team.