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Our Vision

Church Pages is an initiative from the owners of Khoo Seller Limited.

We want to bless churches and Christian charities through our website software by providing well designed and mobile-friendly websites, at affordable prices, along with contribution-based website hosting.

The idea for this came from our CEO during a week at New Wine, where he felt strongly that the Lord wanted to use our commercial software to help churches to engage with their community, and take the Gospel to them. Over time we have found ourselves supporting Christian charities as well.

Khooseller is a website platform that allows businesses to manage their online content, sales and contacts themselves. Our team of in-house designers and developers build and support countless clients with responsive websites. Best of all, we wrote all the code ourselves, so the system's ours to share. (To find out more about Khooseller, click here).

Church Pages is our way of using what we have to bless others. We believe that we are called to serve with the resources under our nose, and wanted to use our powerful system to help churches. We also wanted to follow the principle of gleaning (Leviticus 19:9-10) by not fully exploiting all of our resources for profit.

Our heart is that churches will benefit from our software and skills. We believe the Church is the key to long-lasting change in our country. As we equip churches to better serve their local communities, lives will be transformed by the good news of Jesus.

Since launching in 2016, we are proud to have supported churches from many denominations, sizes and social areas, along with a variety of charitable organisations. You can read about our recent Church Pages websites here.

Of course, if you have a system elsewhere that works for you, that’s fantastic, don’t change it! But if you're in a church, or Christian charity, that's looking for a website system, we would be more than happy to help.