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Jesus Ministry

"Having worked with Church Pages before on our own Church Website, we knew that we wanted to work with them again on our new ‘Jesus Ministry’ Website.

The whole team really commit to creating a beautiful and functioning website, and are such a pleasure to work with! The way they take the time to listen to what is functionally needed but also the heart behind it is incredible, and has meant that the website reflects what Jesus Ministry is all about.

We are so excited to get to see ‘Jesus Ministry’ grow and are so thankful that the website will help this now."

Anna Norburn - Administrator, Jesus Ministry

Jesus Ministries came about after a few pastors in the UK began to experience a fresh work of the Spirit that enabled them to hear God more accurately, have greater confidence in their identity and authority in Christ, and become more aware to the invisible spirt realm.

With a growing number of churches wanting to develop more deeply biblical, supernatural ways of living life and expressing the kingdom, Jesus Ministry evolved into a partnering and teaching resource.

Based at Christchurch, Fulham it was a simple step for Jesus Ministry to work with Church Pages again to design the Jesus Ministry website because of the ongoing relationship with us

How the website was designed and built

ChristChurch Fulham already had information on their website relating to Jesus Ministries. However, creating a stand alone website for Jesus Ministries was important because as the Ministry grows, and more churches wish to receive teaching and resources relating to it, there needed to be an independent website for the resource.

Church Pages spent some time discussing the vision for the website with Jesus Ministry to determine how to design and build a website that would grow as the more churches engage with the teaching. It was essential that the site:

  • enabled courses to be booked,
  • participating churches to be found,
  • talks could be heard, and
  • sermons from YouTube could be accessed.

Fortunately Jesus Ministry provided all the images and copy for the proposed site quickly, and gave us the information on churches that are already participating in the ministry. Knowing what was required from the website we were able to use the logo, and the tone of the images, to set the heart of the design. The whole Church Pages team worked together to create not only the design, but also to ensure that the site had the functionality that was needed.

The finished website has the following features:

  • A strongly branded website that works on all devices.
  • An easy to navigate site that enables courses to be booked.
  • A directory that helps web visitors to find a church that participates in Jesus Ministry
  • Links to teaching videos on YouTube.

The site was finished within the timescale set and we were able to help Jesus Ministry to get the site live before their major conference in November 2018.

What else did Church Pages do?

To help ChristChurch Fulham to be found online we added in optimisation tags for the website and gave training on how this can be done on a Church Pages website. We also filled in the structure data settings for Google and added in web stats so that the church could see the number of visitors to their site, and what actions they took when they got there.

How did the website switch from the old one to the new Church Pages website?

We had management of the Jesus Ministry domain so putting the site live was simple.


The team at Church Pages enjoyed helping Jesus Ministry launch their new website and were pleased with the final result.

The new Jesus Ministry website can be viewed here.