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How Becky found, not only a father, but also a family and it all started on Google.

09 May 2019 10:01


Becky's Story

Becky: "I went to church schools which was, 'Put your hands together, shut up and pray!' . So they kind of provided school and then my Nan's quite a reserved Christian, she does it in private. She calls herself a 'Christmas Christian' so comes for the celebrations so I was never really was introduced to faith at all, never grew up around faith really."

Archie: "What happened?"

Becky: "So at 17, I fell pregnant and at our 20 week scan, I was told I was having a little boy and I said 'Oh it's Finlay' (that was the name we decided on) and then the sonographer who was doing the scan went a bit quiet and my Nan who was there with me and she kind of looked and she said "Is everything ok?" and the woman said, "we've found an issue, they've got echogenic bowels which basically means that the bowels of the baby are as white as bone so she said it could be a few different things. It could be as serious as cystic fibrosis or it could be as simple as just a bit of swallowed blood.

So we were sent up to East Surrey hospital, had a load of tests run, injections, blood tests and were told we had to wait two weeks for the results to see if I was a carrier for cystic fibrosis because you have to have both parents be a carrier for the child to have that (not sure of what the word is here - sounds like seed). So when I got home, I cried... a lot. I was so scared and I went to sleep and I had this dream and in the dream there was a baby in my arms and nobody said his name or anything but I knew this baby was called Rory. And I woke up and thought nothing of it. Two weeks later, we got the results back. Completely fine. The baby was absolutely fine.

So later on, about to give birth, my Nan was there. She was all ready with the text to say, "Baby Finlay's been born" because we were the only ones knowing I was having a boy. So the baby was born and put him in my arms, absolutely healthy and I looked down and said, "This is Rory. This is the baby from my dreams, the baby I'd thought nothing about. I turned to my Nan and said, "No. This is baby Rory." She kind of went..., "OK'. . Erm so from like that second that the baby was put in my arms, I knew that God had told me there and then he was going to be ok and I felt a bit guilty I didn't realise then."  

Archie: "So then what happened? You were bought up by your Nan and we've heard how you'd had your baby, Rory. What happened then?"

Becky: "So we decided to get him baptised and we were looking around for churches and so we had a little Google".



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