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Cross Street Baptist Church, Islington Launches New Church Pages' Website

"' We’re very grateful towards Church Pages for helping us to produce an attractive, modern and engaging website. There is great support from initial contact to tailoring the design to meet your needs, advising you on content and getting you ready to go live. We’re confident that the new website will extend our reach and know that they will be there whenever we need help. Thank you Church Pages!'"

Phil Muthusami, Cross Street Baptist Church, Islington

Cross Street Baptist Church, Islington is a vibrant and growing church in the heart of London, made up of a mixture of all sorts of people from different backgrounds and cultures brought together with one purpose; to praise and glorify our God. The church approached us in March as they were looking to update their website to one that met the needs of the church better.

How the website was designed and built

Cross Street Baptist Church wanted a website that was responsive, easy to navigate, and contemporary. It was also important that the site was simple to use and easy to edit. With the new Isaiah template available the church felt that this would meet its needs as it is has space on the home page to provide plenty of information whilst having a strong visual impact.

As with most churches there was no brand document, and so we created brand colours based on Cross Street's dove logo. This ensured that the design worked well with the logo, and gave a cohesive feel to the website. There was some debate over the large yellow block on the home page as to whether or not this worked, so during the development process we altered this to a brand blue if this worked better for Cross Street. The blue worked well, but it didn't have the same impact as the yellow, and so we reverted to the original yellow for the Live Worship block.

The finished website benefits from:

  • A website that is easy to navigate and searchable.
  • A website that is responsive, and looks clean and contemporary.
  • A website that can be managed by a number of administrators if required.
  • Support at the end of the phone when required.

What else did Church Pages do?

We optimised the site and embedded YouTube videos where required.

We also provided comprehensive training so that Cross Street Baptist Church could manage their own site easily.

How did the website go live?

Cross Street Baptist Church had bought a new domain and so the site was launched using this. We provided advice on what needed t be done to encourage Search Engines to find the new website, which is always a challenge when a new domain is used.


Having seen the positive impact that local churches can make on their community we were keen to help Cross Street Baptist Church get their new website online as soon as possible. Phil, from Cross Street, was amazing at providing copy and images, and worked with us to make the site fit his remit. His Pastor was also on hand to make helpful suggestions so that the finished website met their needs.

We were pleased with the end result and see how flexible the Isaiah template is to create a professional website that is immediately engaging.

Cross Street Baptist Church Islington's website can be viewed here.