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Igreja Baptista do Funchal, Madeira

"' We must have to say how grateful we are for Church Pages for all the help received during the whole process of our church’s webpage creation and putting it live."

"No words are enough about the support we received. They were always there guiding us in every single step. Thank you Church Pages for your support, even separated with thousands of miles and creating this in a very different language. This is a blessed company."

"May God bless you!"

Ismael Luzia, Funchal Baptist Church, Madeira

Igreja Baptista do Funchal, Madeira is a warm and welcoming Baptist Church in Funchal. It is a growing church that places the Gospel and relationships at its centre. Amongst visitors to the island it is known as Funchal Baptist Church, with an English service every Sunday morning. It was through the English service that we first got to know the church, and despite our lack of Portuguese we attended the evening service (quietly translated for us) and enjoyed the teaching and the warm welcome.

How the website was designed and built

Funchal Baptist Church wanted to update their website so that it worked well on mobile devices and helped their community to know more about them. They are also very busy refurbishing an old church to provide a new church building, and wanted the site to have information on this, that could be updated as the project progressed.

Portuguese websites do have a slightly different look to UK websites and so we worked very closely with Ismael to ensure that the site was culturally appropriate. Together we chose colours, images, and the hierarchy of the site. There were times when Google translate let us down, but fortunately Ismael was on hand to help us. Who would have known that there were subtle differences between Brazilian Portuguese and Madeiran Portuguese?!

Although we were happy to create a bespoke site for the church the layout of the site fitted with the Isaiah template and so this template became the basis of the site.

The finished website benefits from:

  • A website that is responsive, and looks clean and well designed
  • A website that met the needs of the Madeiran church.
  • A website that can edited simply when required.

What else did Church Pages do?

We optimised the site and created a Union Jack to the English Service page.

We also provided Ismael training so that he could update the site himself.

How did the website go live?

Igreja Baptista do Funchal had their own domain and we helped them with the domain settings so that their site and email (which we provided) worked.


Having been regular visitors to Igreja Baptista do Funchal we were keen to help the church to have a strong web presence on the island of Madeira. We were pleased with the end result, and grateful for all the help Ismael (and his wife Varnia) gave us in inputting the copy for the site.

Igreja Baptista do Funchal's website can be viewed here.