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Going Live

Scenario 1: You have a registered domain, and would like to use your current domain manager for name serving

This is probably the easiest option for most churches if you already have your own domain name provider. 

Solution: Use your provider's domain record control panel facility to point your website to your new Church Pages website: 

  • If you wish to browse your church website at your domain with no  'www',
    set the A record of your domain to
    You need to check that your mail, if staying with your current provider is not set to simply go to your domain as this will stop working if you make this change.
  • If you wish to use an IP6 address
    set the AAAA record of your domain to 2a01:7e00::f03c:93ff:fe18:b055
  • If you wish to browse your website with the subdomain "www." in front of your domain (e.g.,
    create a CNAME record to


  • To make sure your email gets sent correctly from our servers - say on a contact form, you should make sure you have the following TXT record for your domain:

    "v=spf1 ~all”

Scenario 2: You have a registered domain, and would like Church Pages to be the name server

Solution: Change your domain to use our name servers below and let one of our team know! 

  • Primary name server
  • Secondary name server
  • Tertiary name server

We'll then ensure things are tied up our end and if you have mail provided elsewhere, we'll amend your MX record to your current mail server. 

Scenario 3: You do not have a registered domain... 

Our team can help you setup a domain and we'll then be the domain name server for you. As we're then in control of the domain, we'll manage the pointing for you. 

We charge £20/year (plus VAT to maintain a domain on your behalf. 

Email provision

If you do not already have email and would like an email at your domain i.e. then we can set this up for you for £45/year. 

This provides a 1GB IMAP mail account, with up to 5 mail accounts. This means you can access your email across multiple devices. If you a managing your own domain (scenario 1 above) then you'll need to point your MX record to MX Record: 10,

For many churches they find that they need far more mail storage than this and so we often recommend that churches that have charitable status set up a nonprofit account with Google. Google can offer professional email at your domain at no charge, so this is often a far better option. However, if you would like to use our email see the Khoo Systems support here.