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Church Pages Support

How can we help you?

Welcome to Church Pages

Welcome to Church Pages Support! We have a wide variety of support guides available with step-by-step instructions and annotated images to help you when using the Admin Area of your website.

How support pages work

The support pages are ranked with a difficulty rating from 1-star to 5-star (with 5-star being the more difficult action) to help you find the guides that you'll feel comfortable following. Look out for the rating at the top of each page.

Some support pages include a definition for keywords. Definitions look like this:

Definition: a statement of the exact meaning of a word.

If a support page has a lot of content on it, it may include a table of contents with links to the different parts of the page. The table of contents looks like this:

Most Church Pages support pages include numbered steps. The steps have actions to follow that are numerically ordered with the key actions in bold, for example:

"2. Hover over New and then click Page."

Support Images are included within the step-by-step instructions. The actions to follow are highlighted in the image as red box, for example:

"3. Click Edit."

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