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Create a New News Item

  • Support Difficulty
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1. To create a new news item, first, go to My Site > Pages.

2. Click on your News Folder.

3. Hover over New and then click News Item.

4. Type the title of the news item into the Navigation Title text box.

5. Type in SEO URL into the SEO URL text box to optimise the news item for search engines.

6. Add a URL Shortcut to make a shorter URL for the news item.

7. Change the Page Visibility.

Publish page to:

Everyone - The news item will be published and anyone who visits your website will be able to see it.

Only users with login - The news item will be published but will only be available to users who have a login.

Nobody - The news item will not be published, it will not be available to anyone on the front end of your website.


Hide menu item - The news item will be hidden on all navigation menus.

Hide list/tile view item - The news item will be hidden on all list view, and tile view folders.

8. Click OK.