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Listing: Listing is where information that is used when this page is viewed with others in the same folder and displayed as lists, columns or tiles is added to a page.

1. To edit a page listing, first, go to My Site > Pages.


2. Click on the page you want to edit.

3. Hover over Edit and then Click Listing.

4. Add a List Title by filling out this text box.

5. Add a List Description by filling out this text box.

6. To add a List Image, click on the Page Images tab.

If you don't have a List Image in the Page Images tab, see the Media Gallery support page for a step by step guide to uploading images.

7. Drag the List Image into the List Image table.

8. Edit the Image Details by clicking the Pencil Icon.

9. Fill out the Pop-up and then click OK.

10. To add a List Image on hover, repeat steps 6, 7, 8, and 9 but drag the image into the List Image on Hover table.

12. To delete a List Image, click the bin icon.